Flat Files & Markdown

A simple solution to replace the overstrained wysiwyg-editors.

The mobile internet keeps growing, the number of new devices being developed is increasing rapidly, still most CMS and website-builders still provide you with a WYSIWYG-editor. But what you get to see differs from one device to another (WYSIWTF)!

A possible solution to this problem is to renounce sophisticated text-formatting and to store your content (almost) unformatted in simple, flat text-files. A Flat File-system can only store simple text, but the display of its contents can be easily adapted to any existing or coming device.

Unformatted text?

Of course some basic formatting still needs to be possible, eg. hyperlinking, embedding images, etc. otherwise publishing websites would be complete nonsense. This is where Markdown comes into play.

Markdown provides a set of simple formatting-rules which don't affect the readability of the text and still offer all the functionality you need to make your website-content an aestetic reading experience.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to drop us a mail. We would be pleased give you access to a testinstallation of Herbie Flat File CMS & Blog, which we use as a basis for all our small and medium website-projects.